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Report Providers

Report Providers are third-parties that provide services for visualization and analysis of DICOM data. Report Providers are also able to upload any resulting data back to KHEOPS.

The Report Provider API provides an OAuth 2.0 inspired mechanism to securely transmit the DICOM data a user has selected to a Report Provider. The Report provider will only have access to the images the user has specifically selected and will then be able to upload new series to the selected study.

A sample Report Provider is available at

Table of contents

  1. Installing a new report provider
  2. Using a Report Provider

Installing a new report provider

Click on +New report provider to install a new Report Provider.

Click New Report Provider

In the New Report Provider panel requests a name that will be used in the KHEOPS user interface, and the Report Provider configuration URL that will have been communicated by the third-party that created the report provider.

Here we can use the demonstration report providers’ URL:

New Report Provider

Once the Report Provider has been properly configured, the report provider will display a small green check-mark to confirm that the KHEOPS server was able to successfully retrieve the report provider’s configuration.

Configure Report Provider

Using a Report Provider

Once a report provider is configured the report provider action Report Provider Action becomes available. Click on the report provider action to display a pop-up of the available report provider. Click on the report provider you want to activate. You will then be redirected to the report provider’s web site.