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It is possible to connect a KHEOPS album directly to third-party applications that support DICOMweb. In this example we will show how to connect OsiriX.

  • Generate an Album Token. Copy the token for later use.
  • In OsiriX, Open File->Preferences.
  • Select the Location preference. OsiriX Preferences
  • Select DICOMweb Nodes.
  • Enter the KHEOPS root URL, /api as the path, and give the location a name. OsiriX Locations
  • Click on the User icon to enter the token generated above as the password. Only the password is used by KHEOPS, the username is ignored. OsiriX Password

Query/Retrieve - Store

It is now possible to use OsiriX’s standard query, retrieve and store to access the album as a PACS.

OsiriX Retrieve

OsiriX Send