It is possible to connect a Kheops album directly to third-party applications that support DICOMweb. In this example we will show how to connect OsiriX.

  • Generate an Album Token. Copy the token for later use.
  • In OsiriX, Open File->Preferences.
  • Select the Location preference. OsiriX Preferences
  • Select DICOMweb Nodes.
  • Enter the Kheops root URL, /api as the path, and give the location a name. OsiriX Locations
  • Click on the User icon to enter the token generated above as the password. Only the password is used by Kheops, the username is ignored. OsiriX Password


It is now possible to use OsiriX’s standard query, retrieve and store to access the album as a PACS.

OsiriX Retrieve

OsiriX Send