Managing Users

To manage the list of users that have access to an album:

  • Open the album
  • Click on Settings new the top side of the screen.
  • Click on Users on the left side of the screen.

Users are divided into two groups, Data stewards and all other users. Data stewards have full access to the album and all album settings. The access of other users is limited by the Album user settings.

Manage Users

The Album user setting configure the restrictions applied to non-data steward users.

Setting Description
Invite a user Allow all users to invite addition users to the album
Add studies / series Allow all users to add new studies and series to the album
Remove studies /series Allow all users to remove studies and series from the album
Show download button Display the download button when non-data steward users view the album
Send to user / album Allow users to users to studies / series to other users, to albums, or to their own inbox
Write comments Allow users to write comments on the album